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“To build an advanced solution to provide an alternative means of learning, conducting exams and recruiting employees.”

About Us

Disamina is an initiative taken up by Rai Techintro Pvt. Ltd. to instil technological ease in the lives of people, replacing the traditional and tedious methods adopted by them to conduct examinations and assessments. This advanced online assessment platform serves as an innovative alternative to pre-existing approaches to learning, assessment and recruitment. It is the motto and belief of Rai Techintro that near future will witness a replacement of traditional methods of performing our usual tasks.

We have endeavored towards the aim of digitizing the entire process of learning, assessment, and recruitment, providing a reliable and hassle-free platform to conduct online assessments. Disamina is designed to conduct the entire examination process without any assistance, starting from the registration of the candidate to the final declaration of their results. Its unswerving technology and advanced features include the presence of dedicated dashboards for the examiner, candidates, invigilator, etc. that aids in writing and monitoring the examination which ensures a smooth and expedites experience for the user.

Disamina is a safe and secure platform to conduct the examination. The feature of data protection secures the data of the user. The inclusion of hi-tech security features like live image capturing, live video recording, block copy-paste, block navigation, remote proctoring, etc. makes Disamina a secure and fair online assessment platform.

Educational institutes can take advantage of the LMS tool of the application that serves as an easily accessible platform for candidates, which can be used by the institutions for the creation of new courses and share notes and assignments for the students.

Additional Benefits of Disamina

No Additional Installation

No requirement of additional software installation or special configuration. It’s a quick and easy to access platform.

Free Demo Before Purchase

You can access the demo version of Disamina at no extra cost. It will help you in making the purchase decision.

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Our expert support team will always be there to assist you in case of any technical issues with your account.

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