Training & Certification

Simple process for certification

1. Create

Create an online assessment for certification program.

2. Conduct

Share exam links with candidates via email.

3. Monitor

Monitor remotely and do real-time chat with candidates.

4. Certify

Analyze auto-evaluated results and certify candidates.

How do we help your agency?

Easily configure and customize assessments

Easily create certification assessments and set custom grading logic using our best online assessment software. Invite candidates to register and collect payment online.

Remotely authorize and monitor candidates

Remotely authorize candidates to take assessment and monitor their activities in real-time. Our platform flags unfair activities and captures candidates’ image, video, and screen.

Set difficulty level for certification

Set a difficulty level for each certification assessment to better validate the knowledge of candidates.

Automate grading and certification

Disamina calculates grades automatically and auto-generates certificates with QR codes and custom data.

Advantages of using Disamina

Easy To Use

Simple process for faculties and students.

Time Saving

Save time in creating exams and generating reports.

Lower Costs

Avoid all overhead costs for taking and monitoring examinations.

Highly Flexible

Option to customize as per requirements with white labeling.​

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